The first public company with a sole focus on Ethereum and Altcoins. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders ensures AB is one of the most efficient miners in the world.

Board of Advisors

Xin Xu SparkPool
Xin Xu is the co-founder and CEO of SparkPool. Xin graduated from Becknell University with a Computer Science degree and was previously an early-stage investor in the TMT industry, and led the seed round investment of imToken, the world’s largest Ethereum mobile wallet. After joining the Ethereum community, Xin led EthFans to help the Ethereum Foundation growing the technical awareness of Ethereum technology in China. In late 2017, Xin co-founded SparkPool focusing on Ethereum mining service and led it to be the world’s largest Ethereum mining pool. He is considered as one of the most well-connected Ethereum infrastructure operators in the global community.
Guo Chen General Mining Research
Guo Chen is the co-founder and CEO of General Mining Research (GMR). GMR is focused on mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a variety of other altcoins. Guo is one of the earliest participants in the institutionalization of the cryptocurrency industry. Before crypto, Guo worked at a technology-focused investment bank called China Renaissance. Guo holds dual master’s degree from Peking University and Hong Kong University.
Bo Dong General Mining Research
Bo Dong is the co-founder of GMR, a research driven crypto mining firm. Bo is also a seasoned trader and earlier crypto investor. Before joining crypto space in 2016, Bo was a cofounder of a fintech startup in China. Bo graduated from MIT with a master’s degree in engineering.
Jason Zhang Valuefinder
Jason Zhang is an investor and entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency industry. Jason has been involved in cryptocurrency mining for the last 4 years, focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Previously Jason worked for Sequoia and MSD prior to that. He graduated from Harvard in 2015.